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When the Student is Ready

There’s a timeless adage that goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear“. But what does that really mean in our modern society? Don’t most people already believe they know it all, can easily find the answers if they don’t know, or are somehow divinely gifted with ideas no others possess?

Most people would prefer to argue these points into oblivion, but here’s the 1st bombshell friends, and it’s a very simple truth: If you answered YES to any of those three beliefs, then the “STUDENT” is not yet ready for the “TEACHER“!
At this point, we must depart each other’s company. May you find what you are looking for, and that revelation comes one day beating upon your door! To You….All The Best!

For the student ready to learn, your journey begins today…Continue below.

The Teacher will Appear

Okay, the commitment you just made, the proclamation of a student ready to learn…will be taken very seriously from here on out. You will not be lied to, you will not be misled, and the truths you are about to learn will not be embellished for the sake of a sales pitch. It’s time to cut to the quick!

Please meet Brandon Dupsky

Brandon Dupsky is nothing short of a Master in the eCommerce World. Over the last 18 years, Brandon has demonstrated time and again, that the winning formula for online selling success…just exists in his DNA. In fact, you would be justified to say, he was simply “born to do this”.

If we look at Brandon’s provenance, we’ll see the ear-markings of a highly focused and committed craftsman. After achieving his MBA at the University of Nebraska, Brandon became quickly respected for his “knowledge of numbers”, and his uncanny ability to produce “Best Practices” specifically optimized for transaction profitability. Having built one of the FIRST “Real-Time” eCommerce transaction profitability dashboards in America, Brandon’s forensic acuity for numbers then helped him build one of the most respected and powerful seller accounts in eBay history. It was also during this time, that Brandon developed a proprietary Q&A portal called “RAPID RESPONSE”, which delivered “Industry-First” convenience to unsure buyers…instantly! Today, we can see this ubiquitous technology being used by millions of companies worldwide, commonly known as the “Knowledge Base” feature.

So it should come as no surprise, that Brandon has one of the most sought after pedigrees in the world of online selling. Anyone wanting to make a living on eBay, Amazon, or their own eCommerce website, won’t make it very far, before they cross paths with one of Brandon’s tracks in the eCommerce industry. Whether that’s one of his books, audio or video teaching projects, personal appearances at the world’s top eCommerce gatherings or one of his multitudes of students…Brandon’s influential fingerprints are everywhere.

Now that you’ve met the man, the Oracle of eCommerce. Are you ready for the next bombshell to drop?

Brandon and I have been working together for about 14 months now. We started at a critical point in my business. We focused on specific tasks that could improve cash flow so we can reinvest longer term. Our Amazon sales are up about 3 times in the 4 months subsequent to making changes. What’s great about Brandon, is he has experienced so much in eCommerce and can quickly analyze where we are at and help prioritize those areas to focus on for both short-term goals and longer term goals.

dean kagan minor detail sbeads
Dean Kagan - Owner, Minor Details Beads

If I had to pick the one person that has helped me more than anyone in my business, it would be Brandon. Not only is he knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects regarding eCommerce, but he is energetic and full of ideas. I totally trust him to help me with the big decisions and count on him to help me see the things I am missing that could improve my business.

donna tomaszewski
Donna Tomaszewski - Owner, DTJewelry.com

Brandon is sheer genius when it comes to eCommerce. He has helped several times over the last few years. Be it shipping contract talk or communicating with marketplaces or any eCommerce work in general. He has lived through many experiences that come in handy to find solutions quickly. He is pragmatic and brainstorming with him is fun.

rupesh sanghavi
Rupesh Sanghavi - Owner, Ergode

Brandon’s advice has helped us redirect our time and energy towards the technology, policies and strategies that focus more on delivering quality service to our customers and earning a higher margin. He’s seen and done it all in eCommerce, and as a result, we look to him for advice on how to have technology work harder for us and not the other way around.

Andy Mowery
Andy Mowery - CEO, Debnroo.com

Solid and trusted advice in growing your eCommerce business. If you had to choose one person to help organize and grow your business, Brandon is the go to source. Highly respected and results oriented.

Brenda Sanford
Brenda Sanford - Owner, TheCrabbyNook.com

Experience, Trust and Passion. Three things that are crucial for eCommerce success and the main reason why I love seeking advice from Brandon. His genuine and authentic advice is priceless.

alaa hassan
Alaa Hassan - GM, BeyondtheRack.com

I don’t know how Brandon does it but he seems to have unlimited energy. He’s been an invaluable resource over the years. Branding, promotion and inventory are just three of the key issues I’ve tackled with Brandon’s help.

charleen larson
Charleen Larson - Owner, JCEarrings

I have known Brandon and worked with Brandon since 2014. I have hired him and have had great experience with him. He has consulted, advised and coached me on growing several of my online businesses. He is a dyed in the wool online entrepreneur. They say “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Having Brandon as an adviser is like having one of the top online entrepreneurs in the world in your circle of friends. He is highly recommended and will get you results fast.

ivan barriga
Ivan Barriga - Owner, Smart Diabetes Coach

Brandon’s Advice and guidance on my Amazon FBA business is helping me to transition to products that Only I have on Amazon. He also was instrumental in helping me double my sales on Ebay in a very short amount of time. Highly recommended!

nikko smith
Nikko Smith - Owner, Outstandingbooks

The work provided cut years off of the learning curve and allowed us to focus on our core competency while we allowed other experts to focus on the rest.

Grant Horjsi
Grant Horejsi - Owner, WaterPumpsNow.com