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A Choice Between 2 Warehouses 1 Closer and 1 Cheaper

Many years ago when I was starting my eCommerce 2.0 business I decided I was going to rent an office / warehouse so I had a place to store all my product but also so I could focus my attention on my business all day.  I narrowed down the selection to two warehouses with similar size and similar features to satisfy my needs.  One warehouse was a five minute drive from my house but was $200 more expensive per month than the second warehouse which was 20 minutes away from my house.  I was stuck with the decision if I should save $200 per month in rent or if I should save the extra 15 minutes driving to work.  It was an interesting situation and I thought long and hard before making up my mind.  I believe my decision will shock some of you.

It’s an ironic situation really.  With eCommerce Money for Nothing the idea is to outsource your business so you don’t need an office or a warehouse.  So making this decision goes totally against the eCommerce Money for Nothing principles I’m teaching today.  I share the entire story in my eBook “The eCommerce Money for Nothing LIFESTYLE” and the lessons I learned from this decision.   Check it out!

Happy Selling!