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Brandon and I have been working together for about 14 months now. We started at a critical point in my business. We focused on specific tasks that could improve cash flow so we can reinvest longer term. Our Amazon sales are up about 3 times in the 4 months subsequent to making changes. What’s great about Brandon, is he has experienced so much in eCommerce and can quickly analyze where we are at and help prioritize those areas to focus on for both short-term goals and longer term goals.

dean kagan minor detail sbeads
Dean Kagan - Owner, Minor Details Beads

If I had to pick the one person that has helped me more than anyone in my business, it would be Brandon. Not only is he knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects regarding eCommerce, but he is energetic and full of ideas. I totally trust him to help me with the big decisions and count on him to help me see the things I am missing that could improve my business.

donna tomaszewski
Donna Tomaszewski - Owner, DTJewelry.com

Brandon is sheer genius when it comes to eCommerce. He has helped several times over the last few years. Be it shipping contract talk or communicating with marketplaces or any eCommerce work in general. He has lived through many experiences that come in handy to find solutions quickly. He is pragmatic and brainstorming with him is fun.

rupesh sanghavi
Rupesh Sanghavi - Owner, Ergode

Brandon’s customized actionable advice has focused us in growing the product mix of our eCommerce business to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe - Co-Owner, CatholicFaithStore.com

Brandon’s advice has helped us redirect our time and energy towards the technology, policies and strategies that focus more on delivering quality service to our customers and earning a higher margin. He’s seen and done it all in eCommerce, and as a result, we look to him for advice on how to have technology work harder for us and not the other way around.

Andy Mowery
Andy Mowery - CEO, Debnroo.com

Solid and trusted advice in growing your eCommerce business. If you had to choose one person to help organize and grow your business, Brandon is the go to source. Highly respected and results oriented.

Brenda Sanford
Brenda Sanford - Owner, TheCrabbyNook.com

Experience, Trust and Passion. Three things that are crucial for eCommerce success and the main reason why I love seeking advice from Brandon. His genuine and authentic advice is priceless.

alaa hassan
Alaa Hassan - GM, BeyondtheRack.com

I don’t know how Brandon does it but he seems to have unlimited energy. He’s been an invaluable resource over the years. Branding, promotion and inventory are just three of the key issues I’ve tackled with Brandon’s help.

charleen larson
Charleen Larson - Owner, JCEarrings

I have known Brandon and worked with Brandon since 2014. I have hired him and have had great experience with him. He has consulted, advised and coached me on growing several of my online businesses. He is a dyed in the wool online entrepreneur. They say “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Having Brandon as an adviser is like having one of the top online entrepreneurs in the world in your circle of friends. He is highly recommended and will get you results fast.

ivan barriga
Ivan Barriga - Owner, Smart Diabetes Coach

Brandon’s Advice and guidance on my Amazon FBA business is helping me to transition to products that Only I have on Amazon. He also was instrumental in helping me double my sales on Ebay in a very short amount of time. Highly recommended!

nikko smith
Nikko Smith - Owner, Outstandingbooks

The work provided cut years off of the learning curve and allowed us to focus on our core competency while we allowed other experts to focus on the rest.

Grant Horjsi
Grant Horejsi - Owner, WaterPumpsNow.com

I have worked with Brandon for many years….He is very smart, honest, hard working…. I will continue to do business with him.

Allen Dayton - Mega Entrepreneur

Brandon saved me a lot of time creating our website. He was able to get the site up and running in a fraction of the time that it would have taken myself. Having Brandon build the site allowed me to focus on more important aspects of my job instead of wasting time and energy on this project. I would definitely use his services in the future.

Connie - Charlotte Racing

Looking to build/update your website? Call Brandon immediately. His experience helped me save both time and money building my website. His attention to detail and communication skills are a rarity in the e-commerce world. He has helped us achieve a website that is the envy of my competition. If you have a website project on your desk….. put it on Brandon’s desk!

Robb Taylor - President, Great Lakes Multimedia Supply

Brandon is authentic. His insight is drawn from a depth of experience. The simplicity of his perspective to transform from a transactional business into a brand is powerful.

Tim C