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Why did I blog about something I don’t sell?

Yesterday I decided to write a blog post about something that I DON’T sell.  I then thought it was such a great idea to blog about it I also created a custom built FAQ page about this same topic.  But…..this is for a product I don’t sell, why?

The answer is simple, really.  Because I’m getting questions from potential customers about it and so if a few people are asking about this particular item, I’m guessing there are many more thinking the same thing or doing Google searches for the same and if I don’t sell this item or don’t have any information about this item then I will probably not be found during the Google search.  It’s game over.

The truth is, nobody really sells this item that people are asking about.  It’s not on the market (as of yet) but people are asking for it.  So if this item is not on the market how many pages do you think I need to create to get to the top of a Google search for this type of item?  I’m guessing just one but just in case I decided to write 2 pages on the topic.  One page goes on my category specific blog website that gets great visibility and will get indexed quickly.  The other page goes onto my main website in the FAQ section and will also get indexed quickly into Google.  I have a feeling within a few days both of my pages will be ranked high on a Google search for this item that nobody sells at the moment.

So do I just tell them the bad news and say sorry?  Of course not.  I answer their question first telling them how this is not a feature currently available on the market and why.  The purpose here is to get them to change focus and quit looking for something that they won’t find.  I solve their problem by answering their question, that’s one bonus point for me.  I then tell them what is currently available and why it’s the best thing since sliced bread.   I guess you can say this is a 1-2 punch.

I also know that some day this feature-item combination may become available on the market.  When that happens, I’ll have 2 of the very first pages indexed in search that talk about this particular item.  It’s a great competitive advantage.

What did it cost me?  About 30 minutes time to draft and pull together a blog post and a web page on the topic.

How long will I  benefit?  Building content that funnels browsers into buyers is something you can cash in for a very long time.

eCommerce is much like Chess, you need to think 10 moves ahead of your competition.

Cheers to selling smarter!