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Are They Buying Your Product or Your Information?

You might be surprised at the answer.  Unless you’re the only seller in the entire online universe selling that exact product, the person buying from you is most likely buying from YOU because of your information more so than because of the product you have listed.  The important thing is buying from YOU!  Sure they may be browsing your website or found your product listing because you are listing a product they’re interested in, but that’s only 1/2 the battle.  It’s time to focus some of your energy on the other 1/2 of the battle of winning their wallets by offering the information they want to hear to comfortably decide on buying from YOU.

Simply put:

Products generate browsers……Information generates buyers!

The basics:

Most sellers are already great at offering the basic information.  The product description, its features and benefits.  What is the product and how does it work and why the customer should buy it.  Some sellers are even great at copying and pasting this information from the manufacturer or other sellers to claim it as their own.  (BIG NO NO BTW).

Some sellers are good at re-writing their own description or re-phrasing the manufacturer’s description knowing that search engines like unique content.  However if you mostly re-order the same information thinking you won the game, think again.  Most search engines can figure this out and slap you for duplicate content.  Game over.

Be Unique:

It’s my suggestion that you take the time to write about each item in your very own words.  Start from scratch without reading what other sellers have said about the item.  Explain in your own voice why the customer should buy this item and buy it from you.  Explain the benefits as you highlight the features in your own words.  Rank the benefits in priority where based on your opinion the most important benefits are first.   After you finish writing your own unique version of a product description embedding cues on why they should buy from you, then you’re finally free to read other seller descriptions to see if you missed any critical points that you should add in.

Most sellers do this totally backwards, it’s time you do things in the right order and in the right way!

How does writing your own unique description help?  Well for starters it will get higher ranking by search engines but that’s really not your main reason.  The main reason is to give your future customers a taste of what to expect when they buy from you. It gives them a sense of confidence that they’re dealing with a real human being on the other side of your website.  It eliminates all the uncertainty of buying online and not knowing if they’re buying from a person or a machine.

Writing your own unique descriptions also builds brand experience. It gives the other person a unique feeling an emotion that’s different than they get when shopping on other websites that they can remember, they can associate with shopping your brand.  This is much deeper brand development than splashing your logo everywhere with nothing for the person to associate a feeling or emotion with.

Take things to another level:

Writing unique product descriptions is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using information to your advantage and converting more sales.  Traditional best practices will say you need to have credibility signals and security notices such as SSL certificates, buy with confidence messages and customer testimonials etc.  Of course these are necessary, but is this enough?  Not really.

Prior to buying from you, your customers will want to feel confident that all their questions were answered to their satisfaction.  Will this product work for their needs?  Will this product perform as advertised?  Will it fit? Will it match?  Will it be delivered on time?  Most sellers leave these questions in the air or answers them when a customer asks.  Remember this, it’s like being back in high school if one person asks a question about your product or service, most likely there are 10 more potential customers with the same question that didn’t ask and left your website because they were not confident enough to buy. Answer these type of questions on your website either on the product page or in a FAQ section.  Not only will it answer the question for the customer but it will also give you additional SEO content for when people type their questions into a search engine.

Think about this…It will take you less time to type your answer to their questions on your website one time than to answer them in an email over and over again.

Advanced information:

There are many more eCommerce information strategies used to increase your conversion and further automate the buying experience as well as build your brand voice and experience.  If you would like to hear more or have me personally one on one help you build your brand message and develop your unique selling position, let’s talk.

Cheers to selling smarter!