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Find it hard to concentrate on your business plan?  Do you feel like the noise is coming from all directions?  Are you spending your day thinking about how to do this and how to do that?  To find yourself at the end of the day tired and exhausted with no time left to focus on the big picture?  If so, you’re not alone.

Most eCommerce sellers load themselves up with worrying about the many little details they run out of time to focus on the big picture.  They worry about ordering more boxes and box tape for packing products, they worry about answering emails and phone calls all day to “satisfy the customer”.  They spend their time posting on social media websites whenever it feels right about whatever happens to be on their mind at the moment.  There’s no real organization or plan being executed on because there’s no time to build the plan or refine it along the way.

Yesterday I posted a blog post about how more moving parts = more work however today I would like to add that more moving parts = more distractions on your mind.

You need to free your mind from all these distractions to allow yourself the time needed to review your business plan, review  your strategy, evaluate your situation and make important changes along the way.  Allowing yourself the ability to spend this time focused on the big picture and watching your business activity move down the right path will help you get to your eCommerce goals much quicker.

You already know the answer I’m going to suggest to help you get here…I’m going to suggest you review how you spend your time each day and either eliminate, automate or outsource the tasks that consume your time away from building the big picture.  If you shouldn’t eliminate it, see if you can automate it.  If you can’t automate it, it’s time to outsource it.

Cheers to selling smarter,