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It sounds logical but most eCommerce sellers BREAK THIS RULE EVERY DAY!  Don’t be one of those sellers!

This lesson falls into my quality vs quantity bucket where I watch so many sellers even new coaching clients always be chasing the next carrot before they’ve even maximized the carrot they currently have in their hand.  It’s much easier to take something that’s already working for you and do it better. It’s much easier to sell more of an item you already have a supplier for and a listing for and sales history for than to find a new product, find new suppliers and setup a new sales message etc.

Take what’s already working for you and SLOW DOWN!  Look at it from all sides and determine how you can do it better and better.  How can you sell more of them? How can you sell them for more money?  How can you make more by doing what you are already doing?

In this podcast I talk about how and why I spend one to two weeks merchandising a new product.  I want to merchandise this product better than anyone else on the world! I want to be unique and impossible to duplicate. I want to be desirable, remember-able and something where customers will tell their friends.  If you’re attempting to sell 1,000’s of skus, where’s your focus? What are you great at? What are you better at than anyone else?  These questions are hard to answer when you don’t have a focus.

It’s time you copy this page out of my eCommerce Coach playbook and only sell what sells. Focus on being the best at selling this item and sell more of it. Sell the most you can sell of it before you attempt to sell another product.

Cheers to selling smarter!