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Are you a one person eCommerce business?  Do you feel like you’re tied to the desk everyday because if you take a vacation or go on a business trip your sales will suffer?

Maybe it’s time you look at hiring eCommerce Virtual Assistants to manage your day to day activities so your business can run smoothly while you take that well deserved vacation or go on that important business trip to find new suppliers.

The reason I decided to talk about how our team of virtual assistants are changing the lives of our clients is because of how excited I get when I see Facebook posts from our virtual assistant clients while they are on a vacation or at a trade show.  It feels great inside when they tell me that they have not taken a vacation in a long time and now they can.

If you’re selling on eBay, selling on Amazon or selling on your website, our team of virtual assistants are great at taking the day to day activities off your hands and assuring you they will be taken care of while you’re away from the desk.  They can give you progress updates and confirm the important tasks are done if you wish but the feeling you get when everything is done and you didn’t need to think about it, worry about it or DO IT is the best feeling in the world at the time and truly makes your vacation a REAL VACATION.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.  If you’re ready to consider our team of VA’s here’s a link to get started.

Cheers to selling smarter!