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How Better Call Saul Killed It on Social Marketing Launch

Are you a Breaking Bad fan? I was late to the party being introduced to the show after noticing many friends on Facebook talking about how great the latest episode was and so I binge watched many seasons to catch up.  Millions of people were in the same boat and this is a great example on how your customers can become fans and help you create more customers. This is the ideal drug for eCommerce merchants.

While I was sorry to see the show end not knowing how I’d satisfy my desire to watch the next episode as if I was addicted to the show I was super excited to hear the news that some of the characters will survive the show especially Saul because I liked his role on Breaking Bad as a creative problem solver.

With the “Power of the community” lesson learned for the Breaking Bad crew they were able to get out ahead of the curve with Better Call Saul in their social marketing initiatives by “Engaging the community” right out the gate by giving them ways to creatively spread the word in an attempt to introduce Saul to even a wider audience than Breaking Bad enjoyed.

One creative way the Better Call Saul crew engaged their fans was with their new identity generator.  A perfect idea to tease the little devil inside every one of us as well as give the fan (or customer) a way of feeling like they’re included in the process.  At the same time, this simple and “Automated” tool offers the fans to spread the word.

I gave the new identity generator a whirl.  I cycled through some of the name combinations that auto-generate until I found one that was satisfactory and boom, I had my new identity and with a click of a button was shared with all my friends on Facebook.

Let’s talk about the power of a Facebook Share for a minute.  In eCommerce this can be golden!  A share is a stamp of approval. It’s saying I approve of this product, you should too.  And the message is very targeted in most cases because birds of a feather flock together so if your new customer likes or needs your product so should their friends.  I view any form of “Sharing” from my customers to be my ULTIMATE GOAL after the sale.  I view word of mouth marketing as my “Lifetime Value of a Customer”.  Sure I want them to buy from me again, but I also want their friends to buy from me for the first time.

HOW I DO IT: Currently I reward my customers with a $5 refund if they “SHARE” their purchase with their friends on Facebook.  I have it automated so all they need to do is click a button at the end of the purchase and BOOM their friends are introduced to my products from a friend of theirs just like I was introduced to Breaking Bad.

I’ll have to dive deeper into how I reward customers to perform my desired behavior in other blog posts and podcasts so you can duplicate some of these same strategies if they make sense for your business.  I believe the technical term for this type of action is “Coercion Loyalty” where you enticed them to take action with either pleasure or pain (pleasure in this case).  I just read this for the first time last week and didn’t really think about the difference myself until reading about it this way.  Ideally, you wish to develop pure loyalty from your customers where your fans are simply fans due to their love for your products or service without any additional incentives or encouragement to get them to spread the word.  However, I believe having them spread the word either way is better than not spreading the word at all and money well spent in my opinion.

Okay, time to hear my thoughts on Better Call Saul and how they killed it (in a good way) using their new identity creator tool on Facebook.  Hit play below for the podcast.