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Learn eCommerce and Selling on eBay Quickly

THE FASTER YOU LEARN THE FASTER YOU REACH YOUR GOALS!  This is true in life and also true in growing your eCommerce business.

This is episode 4 for eCommerce Story Time with Brandon.  In this episode I’ll share with you a simple but effective tip on how I learned quicker than the average seller to help me scale and grow my eCommerce business from just an idea into one of the largest sellers on eBay.  Learning quickly is required if you wish to grow quickly, it’s your choice.

To learn how to be successful in eCommerce and selling on eBay and selling on Amazon you’re going to have to invest both your TIME and your MONEY to get there.  Some sellers invest years and years of their time with little money and take years and years to learn. Some sellers invest very little time and tons of money and then have no money but tons of time.  I feel there’s a happy medium somewhere in the middle and this is where you need to be.

There are some lessons you can only learn over time and there are other lessons you can quickly learn from a good eCommerce coach that may cost a little money. The idea is simple. You invest your money to learn what they’ve learned with their time.

REMEMBER: At the end of the day, your money costs you less than your time!

Find that happy medium where your time and money is invested wisely to learn quickly and reach your goals before running out of time.

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THINGS ARE HEATING UP! In the next episode I’ll talk about how I went from selling online as a hobby and began turning it into an official business.

Cheers to selling smarter,