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eCommerce Time Management – The Big Picture

You’re an eCommerce entrepreneur and a very successful one. You jumped out of the corporate-world airplane without a parachute and you landed on your feet. You ventured into the great unknown full of dragons, uncertainty and certain risk. Ultimately, you survived and even thrived and today you have an eCommerce business that supports your lifestyle and makes you money.  You’re happy and you should be!  However…you’re still working harder than you would like and if there is one thing you’d change, this is it!

In the beginning you were okay working 12 hour days and weekends to build your dream and slay that dragon. You figured at some point the business will grow big enough and you can dial your work schedule down as automation and scale take shape. You’re an entrepreneur, working hard is a requirement. However…when will that time come when it’s acceptable to dial the schedule down and “Enjoy Life”?

Sound familiar? Are you here?

You’re not alone. With my deep interaction within the eCommerce seller community I see this situation all the time. Many eCommerce entrepreneurs have built a successful eCommerce business that anyone should be proud of, however almost everyone I talk with are still working “Harder” than they wish and would like to find ways to automate or outsource the detailed daily work their eCommerce business requires without losing control or quality at the same time.

I’m here to tell you it can be done, I’ve done it!

In this podcast, we’ll jump in and look at the big picture of how to free your time by first gaining a better understanding of where you’re at today. How do you spend your time today? How much time is spent “Working in” your business rather than “Working on” your business?

You need a place to start. You need a benchmark. You need to know where you’re at in order to know how to get where you want to go. Step 1 is simple but necessary.  Step 1 is to measure your current situation. Measure how you spend your day today. What’s a typical day consist of in you eCommerce business?

Once you measure your daily routine, take the list of tasks that you spend your time on and place them into buckets. For example, the processing orders bucket, the answering emails bucket, the packing and shipping bucket, the product sourcing bucket and so on.  Now you know where you’re at and what areas to improve on first.

In later podcasts we’ll dive deeper into what buckets are not worth your time to be doing.  You’re the most valuable person in the company, your time is worth the most and therefore should be utilized best.  We’ll identify what buckets may be necessary but should be automated and outsourced using eCommerce virtual assistants. What tasks help you grow your business and what tasks are mostly transactional in nature and possibly consuming you?

If you’re just starting off and would like to learn my 5 ECOMMERCE LAWS I use to govern my eCommerce business, take a look at my FREE 8 Day Mini Course where I’ll email you my 5 Laws to help you get into the eCommerce Money for Nothing mindset.

Cheers to selling smarter!