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My Very First Sale on eBay in 1998 with Brandon Dupsky – eCommerce Story Time

I often get asked when I’m going to write my book with my story of how I started and grew my eCommerce business over the years sharing the golden nuggets of valuable lessons I learned along the way.  I want to be totally honest with you.  Writing this book is just not on the list of things I wish to do.

However, I do love sharing stories and lessons that I’ve learned over the years in hopes you can learn something that either helps you grow your success and profits or help you avoid possible failure. Therefore, I decided to give this a try to see how it goes.

I’m calling it eCommerce Story Time.  Basically…I turn on the mic, think way back about an event that happened in my eCommerce career that seems significant  and talk about it.  That’s it, no script, no plan.  It’s raw, it’s real and it’s for you!

Give a listen to the very first eCommerce Story Time podcast and let me know what you think?  Are you wanting more?  Would these type of stories give you guidance or inspire you in building a better eCommerce business for yourself?  Is this the type of entertainment you’re looking for?  Please let me know.

I can think of 100’s of interesting stories to tell. Some will be amazing and out of this world.  Others will be the worst thing you’ve ever heard when it comes to running a business.

For the very first eCommerce story I felt it was best to start at the very beginning and how I made my very first sale on eBay back in 1998.  Take a listen.

Cheers to selling smarter,