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eCommerce Brand Building Lessons from St Patrick’s Day

eCommerce brand build can be one of the most valuable tasks in your business.  Your brand offers you sustainable value that returns to you in additional profits day after day after day.  Building a valuable brand is the ultimate leverage you should be building in your eCommerce business.

Today is St Patrick’s Day and there are many valuable lessons we can learn about brand building by taking a look at today’s “Holiday” and the brand that has been built.

First, St Patrick’s Day is associated with “Being Lucky”.  Who doesn’t wish to be lucky from time to time? We all do!  Luck is a feeling, an emotion it’s something deep down inside us.  It’s our emotions that drive us. It’s what creates our behavior and it’s what motivates customers to BUY FROM US.  So lesson one is to associate your brand with an emotion that people desire and wish to feel.  This association will help drive your customers to connect to your brand, love your brand and share your brand.

The second eCommerce brand building lesson we can learn from St Patrick’s Day is how to develop tools for our customer (our fans) to “Spread the word”.  Every child age 5 to 18 will be wearing a green shirt today as long as their parents didn’t forget the huge importance of today and how peer pressure works.  And not only kids, this peer pressure exists in the workplace and I’m sure 50% or more adults are wearing a green shirt with a shamrock or a leprechaun on it today.  Heck, I’m wearing my green “Lucky Shirt” as I type this blog post and I don’t have an office to go to or  peers to impress.

Side note, this lucky shirt was not so lucky while I was in Vegas last year for Spring Break with the family.  I tested the shirt at the tables and it didn’t pay off.  No pot of gold for me.  But I only have one green lucky shirt so I didn’t burn it and I’m wearing it again this year.

Get a spokesperson, a mascot or public figure for your brand.  Because most of us don’t have huge marketing budgets to hire a professional basketball player or golfer, we may have to get creative in this space.  As you can see, a happy go lucky leprechaun works well.  For me, I use myself as the face of my brand. Sure, I don’t like being in the spotlight, I don’t typically enjoy recording myself on camera but I do it.  I do it because it works!  I do it because I wish to build my eCommerce brand and nothing is more genuine than ourselves.

So there you have it!

  • Associate your brand with an emotion, a feeling.
  • Build tools for your fans to spread the word.
  • Leverage social pressures when possible such as peer pressure.
  • Measure, learn, adjust, measure, learn and adjust along the way.


Cheers to selling smarter! Your eCommerce Leprechaun,