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I recently posted a blog article about how if you’re looking for someone to help you grow your eCommerce business that you should consider an eCommerce coach instead of searching for a simple consultant.  In my last post I talked about how finding the right eCommerce coach they will be “emotionally invested” in your business rather than a spectator giving commands from the stands.

Let’s dive deeper about how an eCommerce coach can help your eCommerce business with reason number two.

Reason #2 : Your eCommerce Coach will Share Side by Side with Your WINS and Your LOSSES as if their own.

This is a very important different between a consultant and a coach. A coach views themselves as being on your same team and if your team wins, they win. The same holds true if your team loses, they feel the loss as well.  This level of commitment to your success is important in guiding your coach to giving you solid advice they are willing to stake their entire reputation on the line with you.  The want the wins just like you do!

eCommerce Coach Tip: The second reason I’m writing many blog posts about this topic rather than one long blog post is to get better SEO results on the search phrase “eCommerce Coach” so my website will rank higher in search for this phrase if I take the time to build 9-10 pages each with unique quality content than if I have one long page talking about the topic.  Take that tip to the bank!

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Cheers to selling smarter!