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eCommerce coaches are everywhere.  How do you know if they’re the right coach for you?

Gaining feedback from someone experienced to analyze your business and give you sage advice is always a great idea but before you go out and hire your next eCommerce consultant consider the many reasons why an eCommerce coach like Brandon Dupsky is possibly your best choice!

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

The difference between coaching and consulting is subtle but very important to understand. First off, consultants typically bill you by the hour so for them to make more money they’ll search and find ways to spend more hours with you. They won’t be focused on solving your problems the quickest and easiest way. They’ll tell you how success requires long hours and hard work.  They’ll convince you that success will take many weeks or months to implement as the best choice for your business. They’ll bring in a team of subject matter experts to help increase the size of your bill.  Sure not all consultants operate this way but if your eCommerce consultant bills you by the hour.

Be careful they’re not focused on increasing the size of their bill more than the size of your success.

A good eCommerce coach will be on the same team as you. They’re not worried about the hours they put in because they don’t get paid by the hour.  They’re on the same team, your team. They’re committed to having the team succeed and win the game (so to speak) and will pull out every play in their playbook to help you get there.

To help you better understand the difference between eCommerce coaching and eCommerce consulting, I’ve come up with a top ten list why eCommerce coaches are a better solution than eCommerce consultants and felt each reason is so good it’s worthy of a blog post of its own.  Watch for future blog posts about why eCommerce coaching is the way to go.

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Reason 1: eCommerce coaches invest themselves emotionally into the success of your business.

Let’s dive into the first and possibly the most important reason you want to hire a coach.  eCommerce coaches invest themselves emotionally into the success of your business.  Well at least I invest myself emotionally when I become your eCommerce coach.  I want to see you win the greatest success and I want to help you avoid the same failures I might have made or seen other sellers make. 

When I put the coach’s hat and whistle on, I’m on your team and think about your business as if it was my own.

For example, you may think your eCommerce website needs more traffic but I might see that traffic is not your biggest problem and that you need to focus on conversion.  You might think you need to lower your prices but after I dig into the data I find out that pricing is not your problem and that your success will be greater if you focus on bundling better packages.

As a coach I listen to your concerns, analyze your plans, review your current situation and help you design a better game plan to get there.  Before we get off the phone each of us will have a list of things to do and I’ll be checking back with you periodically to make sure the tasks get done.  

As your eCommerce coach your successes and your failures are mine as well. 

I’m here to give you focus, help you draft a better game plan, organize your team and cheer you on while picking you back up if you stumble along the way.

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Cheers to selling smarter!

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