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eCommerce Product Selection – Educational Training DVD

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I’ll show you the exact method I use and the 22 key factors I measure when helping clients choose a new product category.


eCommerce Product Sourcing Selection

eCommerce Product Sourcing Selection

Choosing the best product to sell online can be the single most important decision you ever make for your business.  It’s like the first move in a chess game where all future moves will depend on it.  Your profitability, how much automation you can setup will all come from choosing the correct product in the beginning.  Otherwise your frustrations and how hard you work may come from not doing the right research and simply choosing whatever catches your attention first.

Are you tired of the daily grind from the copy/paste sales approach?  Are you tired of selling a product and watching other sellers undercut your price by pennies taking away the customer?  All that hard work to make less than you expected.  It’s time you learn my product selection strategy focused on building yourself a unique selling position that makes the competition irrelevant.

In this training DVD I’ll show you how I profile a new product category.  We’ll go through a REAL LIFE example showing you the 22 factors I measure when reviewing a new product. We’ll do ACTUAL RESEARCH using online tools at your disposal to identify the market size, the competition and estimated the market share you can expect.

Tip: I teach my clients that you make your money when you buy the product. Selling the product is how you get your money back.  

It’s time you know with great certainty if the product you buy will sell quickly and for how much profits.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How the product you choose will impact your operation in the future
  • Key traditional business formulas I use to compare one product line to another product line
  • How to measure the market size, evaluate the top competitors within the market
  • How much sales you can expect on eBay and other markets if you choose this product
  • Using a real life example you can repeat for your very own product research
  • My product profile chart with 22 factors I measure when reviewing a new product line with clients

Remember: You make your money when you buy the product!

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