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eCommerce Coupon Strategies – Educational Training DVD

$70 $50

I’ll show you behind the scene data from my real-time sales dashboard that support and demonstrate with hard facts how well my coupon strategies help me sell more product.


Not only will you be flooded with new ideas and strategies, I’ll also give you $10 to buy my educational DVD on innovative eCommerce coupon strategies right now! That’s right, take an EXTRA $10.00 coupon for EXTRA SAVINGS! That’s $10 you didn’t know you had in BONUS VALUE when buying my coupon strategy DVD.

Your coupon code is: ILoveCoupons

I’ve been testing and refining these exact strategies for the past 8 years! You’ll receive and be amazed by over 1 hour of focused eCommerce coupon strategies where I’ll not only tell you…but I’ll show you behind the scene data from my real-time sales dashboard that support and demonstrate with hard facts how well these exact coupon strategies help me sell more product. All you have to do is copy these same strategies and within minutes you’ll be selling with the same coupon strategies that took me 8 years to learn.

What’s your conversion rate from browser to buyer? Would a higher conversion rate help you out?

I’ve given away over $5,000 in coupon value to customers and you’ll see why I’m happy to do it!

How often do you find yourself looking for an online coupon before deciding to buy? I check every time and so do many people as online coupons have become a powerful tool in converting buyers.

Do your customers need just a little convincing to buy it now?  Using a laser focused coupon strategy is your answer!

Things you’ll learn:

  • Building coupon codes with a purpose. The better you define the purpose, the more effective they become.
  • How coupon portals such as retailmenot, dontpayfull and tjoos and others can be your best friend or your biggest enemy.
  • How to use coupons focused on awareness
  • How to use coupons focused on increasing conversion (such as your instant $10 saving today)
  • Advanced coupon strategies I learned years ago from close friends

TIP: Every coupon should have a deadline to create a sense of urgency…

Today is your lucky day to take my $10 offer to the bank. BE WARNED: I may pull this offer anytime. Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight…

Your next steps:

  1. Take your coupon code
  2. Checkout now
  3. Pat yourself on the back and put your feet up
  4. Your DVD will be on the way

Your coupon code is: ILoveCoupons

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