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Brandon Dupsky / Coach-ca-Ching

Amazon Coaching

There’s no better person on the planet to coach you with selling on Amazon than someone who was one of Amazon first 3rd party sellers when Amazon first opened the marketplace to outside sellers.  As a PESA board of director, Brandon was approached by Amazon executives to help them “Prime the Marketplace” with big sellers and so he did.  Just a little history lesson….ha!

  • Having trouble getting your items “Found in Amazon Search”?  No problem, let’s climb to the top.
  • Looking for profitable product opportunities on Amazon? Let’s do the research and find your niche.

Need assistance on building your Amazon Private Label Products?  Brandon’s been doing it for over a decade.  So let’s get creative and carve out your slice of the pie.


eCommerce Coaching

When Brandon started building his “Brandon 2.0” eCommerce business in 2006 he was 100% laser-focused on learning how to successfully sell on a website in addition to his amazing arsenal of how to sell on Amazon and eBay.  Selling on a website is tons different and challenging than selling on a marketplace.  It take marketing savviness, it takes a deep understanding of the science of eCommerce and Brandon has learned this science and sharing with other eCommerce sellers on how to bridge the “Marketplace to website gap”.

  • “Understanding the numbers” is critical to running  a successful eCommerce website.  Let Brandon show you how to measure and manage your numbers.
  • eCommerce SEO is much different than traditional SEO.  Know the differences?  Allow Brandon to show you some of the tips he learned to work that eCommerce magic you’re looking for.

Your search for your eCommerce Coach is over…You found him! Brandon’s been doing it for over a decade.  So let’s get cracking and carve out your slice of the pie.


eBay Coaching

Brandon is one of the original eBay Coaches going waaaaay back.  He wrote the book on it…literally.  He gets asked if eBay is still a viable marketplace to sell on and in most cases he answers with an ABSOLUTELY!

However, selling on eBay is not the same as it used to be.  Changes in search, changes in the rules on how to get Top Rated Seller (TRS) status and many other changes have left some eBay sellers dazed and confused.

Allow Brandon to be your eBay Coach and he’ll show you some of the “Old magic” that still works today that he’s been using for nearly 18 years as well as the “New school” ways of selling on eBay that keep your eBay selling skills sharp and effective.